Body Waxing – What you Need to Know

waxing in OttawaBody waxing in Ottawa is one of the most preferred ways to remove unwanted hair. The process is simple and can last up to six weeks. Who doesn’t want to not worry about shaving for six weeks? Even men go to get parts or all of their body waxed.The waxing process is fairly simple and is done by lathering hot wax on the area being treated. This wax is then attached to a strip which is pulled away from your body at the right angle. As the strip is pulled away the hair comes with it. For larger areas multiple strips will be needed while some smaller areas can be done with one strip.

This probably sounds like it hurt and for some people it does. Most people experience a mild discomfort to a mild pain though. The majority of people never experience anything more than slight pain. It all depends on your individual sensitivity level, the condition of your hair, and the condition of your skin.

For the lucky person a body waxing in Ottawa will last up to six weeks. The average person typically falls in between four and six weeks without having to shave. For a small number of unlucky people they will experience more than mild pain. That number is extremely small though.

One of the reasons that many people choose waxing for their unwanted hair removal is that it is relatively easy and quick. If you add on the fact that you get to be without hair for up to six weeks it is quite clear why many people choose to wax.

sugaring hair removalPractitioners of body waxing have different levels of experience and training so it is always a good idea to speak with them beforehand. You want to be able to gauge what their experience is. However, you will also be exposing very intimate parts sometimes to the waxer so it is even more. To find the best body waxing in Ottawa you will speak with multiple different locations and ask them questions about their practice. For more info about sugaring hair removal visit spajunkie


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